Spread Love.

More than ever, we need to love one another.

2016 has been quite a difficult year.
We lost so many incredible people. We had a brutal, vicious election cycle. We are still seeing suffering from wars and terrorism around the globe. Our planet feels a bit abandoned. Social norms seem broken. 

But in this insufferable year, we have at least one thing that we can do, that is love one another.
Love is free. Love is happiness. Love is kind. Love is change. Love is more than just a word, love is what makes the world bearable. It's what makes the little things - and the big ones - worth it.

Here at Krakatoa we believe love is what make us get up in the morning, put on a strong face and go venture in this incredible world we live in. It's not always easy, but the alternative is too sad to be contemplated. We need love more than ever.

So hug your friends, smile to strangers, hold the door, say thank you, lend a hand, donate to charity, be kind to the planet and yourself. With every gesture of love, every random act of kindness, we become better as human beings. And that's all that matters.

We love you. 

-Your friends at Krakatoa