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  • The Krakatoa Anti-Gravity Briefs - Vesuvius Collection combines the most modern technical fabric with a full front pouch for a comfort-focused connection between materials and fit.
    Designed with your life’s activities in mind, it delivers softness and support from the first wear, so you can power through your day fearlessly with a piece of art in your pants.


    • Unique full front pouch engineered to separate you from your thighs and keep you dry.
    • 40% narrower between the legs than regular briefs.
    • Form-fitting ultra-premium MicroModal fabric holds you softly and leaves you feeling fresh all day.
    • Wide and ultra-smooth waistband won't mark your skin or cut circulation
    • 52 Wash Guarantee. Because we can.

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Sizing Guide

Krakatoa is designed to be flushed with your skin. There is no need to buy a size larger, as the front pouch eliminates "The Squeeze", and the 3-way stretch fabric conforms gently around your body. 

Measure your waist size:
You can use your pants waist size in inches as base. If you have a larger butt and hips, you might jump a size. If you are slim, the waistband is crucial to find your fit, make sure the waistband is the right size and the fabric will conform to your body.

*One thing to note, our XL is a bit larger, covering much of XL and XXL sizes.

In Between Sizes?
Krakatoa has a front pouch that conforms with your anatomy, so even if the undies feel snug around your legs and butt, your package is still comfy, so go for a smaller size for a snug fit. If you don't like it or the size was not correct, no worries, we will send you another pair on your correct size at no cost to you. 

Want help choosing a size?
Send us an email at and we will help you find your perfect Krakatoa fit.

Krakatoa No Bullshit Guarantee:
Our goal is to give you unparalleled comfort on your underwear, so if you don’t get the fit you want on your first pair, send us an email at, we will send you a different size at no charge.