Classic Boxer Briefs

Put a volcano in your pants

$ 22.00 $ 24.00

Product Description

We engineered the Krakatoa Classic Boxer Briefs to work with your body.

The specially designed front pouch keeps things in place while the longer legs hug your body snuggly and softly - and don't bunch up. No squeezing or pinching, just a soft wrap around your most sensitive parts.

Another welcome feature is the softness of the Micro-Modal fabric, it helps soften the contact of your pants against the skin around your thighs, making every step a reminder that you are putting your money where it counts.

With Krakatoa Classic Boxer Briefs you will move like Jagger and be smooth like Michael.

And sign-up today for The Krakatoa Club, you will receive your Boxer Briefs discreetly on your own terms, in the comfort of your home without hassle, and at a discounted cost. Imagine never going out to buy undies ever again. Hmm, never again...

It doesn't get any better than that!

The Awesomeness:

  • 92 percent Micro-Modal + 8 percent Spandex: A perfectly soft and stretchy fabric, feels like part of your body, you can barely feel it under your pants. 
  • Non-Marking, ultra-silky, wide waistband with a firmer structure, it reduces bending and flipping.
  • No adjustment, no shuffling, no grabbing. Wear it in the morning and forget it's there until you take it off, whenever, wherever.
  • Shrink and odor resistant, it's 50% more breathable than cotton.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!