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It all started with a trip to a box store to buy me some groceries and, incidentally, underwear, that prompted me to start Krakatoa.
Unlike when I was out to buy pants or a pair of sneakers, I always dreaded having to buy new underwear. It was never a pleasant experience, with sometimes even worst outcomes. Like so many guys, I was frustrated with the stuff available in stores. From the materials to the cut, it seemed they were trying to dismiss the fact we have a bundle hanging between our legs.

While discussing with friends, I realized I wasn't alone. Almost all of them hated their underwear and the buying process. So much so, that when they found a pair they liked, they would use it until it fell apart. And then some. 

So, after working more than 20 years making videogames like Call of Duty, Transformers and Spider-Man, I decided it was time for a career change - and to create an underwear designed for people with balls. It didn't matter their age, skin color, sexual orientation or where they came from. What it really mattered was creating the perfect pair of underwear for us, guys. So I started with this in mind:

Life is better when what touches you matter.

he Krakatoa Anti-Gravity line was designed specifically for the ultimate comfort of your junk. Nothing else, nothing less, just what we need to be super comfy and supported while looking good (can't forget the looking good part!).

During our design process, we adjusted the size and shape of every opening, crotch height, waistband widths, front cup shapes and even reduced the number of panels of fabric needed, so no unnecessary stitching would be required. Krakatoa should feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Have balls? You are in for a happy surprise.

- Alex 


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