5/5 Feels amazing and are extremely

Feels amazing and are extremely comfortable.

Verified Buyer

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 5/5 The best

These are the best underwear to ever hit the market. I threw away all my other underwear. Krakatoa underwear is like nothing else. A lot of brands forget that guys need junk support.  I want more pairs

Phillip R Verified Buyer

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 5/5 Quality product

Not only was the customer service with this company amazing, but the product was well worth it. I received both a pair of trunks and boxer briefs and love both! The trunks fit nicely and fave some stretch with a contour pouch, but if you really want your boys to be held in place get the boxer briefs. The pocket fits your manhood nicely and keeps it comfortable all day. I was very pleased!

Justin M. Verified Buyer

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 5/5 Most comfortable ever.

Originally I decided to give Krakatoa a try and with two pairs of underwear. After a sizing issue with one style, and great customer service for that, I was able to try a third pair. I fell in love with every pair. I had to justify spending the money to my better half but it was easy as the support the underwear gives is incredible, seconded by the design which looks great on all men. I never have any doubt that when I buy another pair, it’ll be flawless and exactly what I expect; and if there is an issue, I know it’ll be taken care of quickly and will leave both sides happy about the solution.

Christopher D. Verified Buyer