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krakatoa eruption

In 1883, volcano Krakatoa in Indonesia erupted with absolute power, pulverizing 6 cubic miles of island into the atmosphere and changing the weather patterns around the globe for half a decade. It’s considered the most powerful blast ever heard by mankind and the biggest eruption ever recorded.

While its shockwave circled Earth 3 times and the 200 Megaton explosion created 100-foot-high waves with devastating consequences, the dust from Krakatoa’s eruption had a beautiful side-effect: It created incredible sunsets for years around the planet.

We built Krakatoa because we believe power and beauty can be translated into sensible personal garments that are powerful in their execution and beautiful in their craftsmanship.

We also think eruptions and loud noises are a typical guy thing, you know.  


Sizing Guide

Krakatoa is designed to be flushed with your skin. There is no need to buy a size larger, as the front pouch eliminates "The Squeeze", and the 3-way stretch fabric conforms gently around your body. You want it snug, not loose, for maximum comfort.

Measure your waist size:
Wrap a measuring tape around your navel, at the narrowest part of your torso. Place a finger in between the tape and your body, for a comfortable fit.


most comfortable boxer briefs

*One thing to note, our XL is a bit larger, covering much of XL and XXL sizes.

In Between Sizes?
Krakatoa has a front pouch that conforms with your anatomy, so even if the undies feel snug around your legs and butt, your package is still comfy, so go for a smaller size for a snug fit. If you don't like it or the size was not correct, no worries, we will send you another pair on your correct size at no cost to you. 

Want help choosing a size?
Give us a call on (888) 546-2125, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM PST, or send us an email at and we will help you find the perfect Krakatoa size for you.

Krakatoa No Bullshit Guarantee:
Our goal is to give you unparalleled comfort on your underwear, so if you don’t get the fit you want on your first pair, give us a call on (888) 546-2125 or send us an email at, we will send you a different size at no charge.