The Wall

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There is no denying. Every time you need new underwear, you get that feeling, the bottomless pit of despair in your stomach: you will need to face The Wall.

You know The Wall.

The long, confusing isle full of the same faceless torsos wearing the same old underwear. Cottons, synthetics, blends, blahblahblahs. Tons of variations of the same-same. Oh, the sameness.

Best case scenario you get the same as last year’s, just a bit harsher and newer. Worst case? A 5 pack of ill-fitting little torture devices. 

Life is too short for bad underwear


So here is what we propose: Get a subscription to the Krakatoa Club.

You will get the best underwear for men at a discount (even on top of our 3+ or 6+ volume discounts!), at the intervals you want (1 to 6 months), and you can choose exactly what you want delivered to your home anytime. Change or cancel, guess? Anytime. Cost? ZERO. To be part of our exclusive club, nor a cost or fee, just the price of your cart.

More than $30? Free shipping.

3 items or more? Priority shipping! Yeah, we are cool like that.

No pre-made packs, nothing forced, just what you want, when you want, where you want it.

 So make your life easier and better. Sign up for the Krakatoa Club and get the best underwear ever, forever. Whenever that is.

With that crazy office party coming up, that last minute booty call, or that unplanned Vegas run, you should be ready for everything. Get some Krakatoa Underwear and make the holidays memorable - or at least really comfy for the boys :)