The Wall

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So Many Torsos, So Little Good Stuff

There is no denying. Every time you need new underwear, you get that feeling, the bottomless pit of despair in your stomach: you will need to face The Wall.

You know The Wall.

The long, confusing isle full of the same faceless torsos wearing the same old underwear. Cottons, synthetics, blends, blahblahblahs. Tons of variations of the same-same. Oh, the sameness.

Best case scenario you get the same as last year’s, just a bit harsher and newer. Worst case? A 5 pack of ill-fitting little torture devices that will haunt your loins for years to come.
But why suffer when there are other awesome options around? You deserve better.  

Life is too short for bad underwear

So here is what I propose: Get a pack of Krakatoa Underwear.
You will have a new lease in life. Seriously. But with a side effect: You will not like your old underwear anymore. So much so, that many Krakatoa users simply let go of the past, get rid of all their old underwear and switch completely to Krakatoa.
They just switched from the old paradigm and went with the new. Modern, well built, designed for human males. I call them Smart Switchers.

Why is that?
First, the comfort. Few pieces of garment are as important as your base layer, the stuff that touches your skin. It's an all-day affair, and it will carry you throughout the day, so get the best one you can get. Hint: You are in the right place.

Second, the looks. Krakatoa is not flashy, or attention-grabbing. You can drop your pants wherever and no one would bat an eye, unless they notice the quality, fit and finish of Krakatoa. You might get some questions, totally natural. Just tell them "it was designed for people with balls". They will get it.

Third, the value. Not the cost, but the value. Men like stuff that lasts, that they can count on, that they can rely on. This is priceless.
I made Krakatoa because of this exact thing, I couldn't trust my old underwear. They would not support me, they were rough, they were not designed with my anatomy in mind. Seemed like they were made for Ken dolls, that have nothing between the legs. We do. And I made sure to design a garment that respects that.

It's a pair of underwear for your adventures. Be it that crazy office party coming up, that last minute booty call, or that unplanned Vegas run, you should be ready for everything. Get some Krakatoa Underwear and make life memorable.


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