Cool as your Cucumber

Summer getting you hot? Get out of that pickle with our Bio-Derived fabric that is 3 times softer than Cotton, and 2 times more breathable.

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NO more loose cannons

Keep everything in place and feel like a champ.
No more grabbing, adjusting, or shuffling.

Cradle Them Boys

No Hurt Feelings

Nothing to scratch, chafe or irritate your skin.
With no tags on your ass or other distractions, you will rule your day.

Come Get Some

Wrap Yourself in Softness

Smooth and supple, the waistband glides on your skin and leaves no marks. You'll look good when you take them off too.

Make It Yours


Does your underwear still have a style from the last century?

Well then, that bundle of joy hanging between your legs is probably going all over the place.

The material is probably thick, makes your crotch sweaty, stinky and we're sure the label scratches your ass.

Worry no more. We have your back. And front.

Krakatoa is breathable and light to keep you cool, all day. It glides along your skin to work with your body freeing you from the sacktastrophe of regular tighty-whities.

Our underwear is designed for PEOPLE WITH BALLS, so you can stop constantly adjusting yours.
Because crotch-grabbing is so last century.

What do you think of Krakatoa, guys?


Simply put, this is the best dam underwear I have ever owned! I drive a truck so I sit a lot, my days are typically 16 to 18 hours long, and these are absolutely the best fitting, most comfortable underwear there is out there! You just can't beat 'em!

Roosevelt T.


These are great. I have been so used to constantly adjusting myself throughout every workout. I tried these for the first time and found myself moving to adjust out of habit, but not needing to. Everything fell back into place every time I’d stand back up. Awesome product!

Joshua A.


I fell in love with every pair. I had to justify spending the money to my better half but it was easy as the support the underwear gives is incredible, seconded by the design which looks great on all men. I never have any doubt that when I buy another pair, it’ll be flawless and exactly what I expect; and if there is an issue, I know it’ll be taken care of quickly and will leave both sides happy about the solution.

Christopher D.


I've been looking for underwear like this forever. These are soft, stretchy, and perfectly cradle my balls. It seems like underwear has never been designed by people with testicles because normal underwear just squashes your junk against your leg. God forbid you get sweaty, wear tight pants, or see something pleasing to the eye. Krakatoa holds the guys in place, comfortably snug above your legs. Love it. Thanks for the well-designed underwear.

Noah D.


As soon as you put these trunks on, you realize these are something special! The 3-way stretch modal fabric is amazing. It feels great and fits great against your skin; they comfortably hug you to show off natural assets; and they move with you, not against you. The front pouch is awesome. My equipment naturally falls into it (no need to adjust yourself in public), and feels like you're being held in a velvet glove -there is no srunching or crushing of the boys.

Harry P.


I’m a guy. I have cumbersome balls. And I sweat a lot. I don’t like being aware of my underwear and also want to look like a guy wearing them: not a stripper or fetish costume. These do just that. Put them in and don’t worry about it. The pouch is about as custom fitting as you can imagine! Lightly supportive but not constricting. Still usable at the gym. And they’re flattering but not flashy.


Sizing Guide

Krakatoa is designed to be flushed with your skin. There is no need to buy a size larger, as the front pouch eliminates "The Squeeze", and the 3-way stretch fabric conforms gently around your body. You want it snug, not loose, for maximum comfort.

Measure your waist size:
Wrap a measuring tape around your navel, at the narrowest part of your torso. Place a finger in between the tape and your body, for a comfortable fit.


most comfortable boxer briefs

*One thing to note, our XL is a bit larger, covering much of XL and XXL sizes.

In Between Sizes?
Krakatoa has a front pouch that conforms with your anatomy, so even if the undies feel snug around your legs and butt, your package is still comfy, so go for a smaller size for a snug fit. If you don't like it or the size was not correct, no worries, we will send you another pair on your correct size at no cost to you. 

Want help choosing a size?
Send us an email at and we will help you find the perfect Krakatoa size for you.

Krakatoa No Bullshit Guarantee:
Our goal is to give you unparalleled comfort on your underwear, so if you don’t get the fit you want on your first pair, send us an email at, we will send you a different size at no charge.