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News Flash: Men don’t like to buy underwear

In fact, it’s so bad that 25% of men have someone else do it for them. Most guys keep a pair for an average of 7 years. Seven! You know, that dreaded twisted pair on the back of the undies drawer - the one with a loose elastic on the leg and the scratchy label on the back? Yeah, those for when you “forgot to do laundry”. For the third time. This month.
But fret not! I'm here to help you choose the best underwear for your needs, from different materials to different styles and cuts, underwear is our specialty.

Consider the Style

What’s your preferred undies style? Do you like classic briefs (the famous “tighty whities”), or are you more of a loose, cotton boxers type of guy? Depending on your lifestyle, your underwear requirements could benefit from some guidance.
Krakatoa has different styles, engineered to give you the ultimate experience in men’s underwear, regardless of the type. You can use our upcoming Pouch Briefs at the gym because it feels great under sports shorts and it supports your junk no matter how intense your workout. The Anti-Gravity Trunks are super for daily wear, to sleep on and to wear on a date – sexy, modern and makes your package look more interesting to boot. Our Anti-Gravity Boxer Briefs are the ultimate in support and comfort, with the same anatomic front pouch as the others, but with long legs that don’t bunch up, a smooth contact between the thighs and is perfectly stealthy under your pants too. So, style matters. 

Consider the Material

I took this seriously when I designed Krakatoa. What makes the best fabric blend when you are making the best underwear for men? What’s the most important feature, softness? Breathability and moisture-wicking characteristics? Odor and shrinkage resistance? I believe it’s ALL of them.
It would be easy to fall into the usual cotton or synthetic choices, as they are familiar. We decided to go deeper in our search and found that a healthy blend of Micromodal and Spandex to be the perfect combination. It has all the above features and more. It gives you support without squeeze and softness without sag. Micromodal is a bio-derived fabric, made with tree pulp, and the special woven Spandex makes it 3-way stretch for perfect wrapping of your rumps. And when you choose the right size for your body type, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all.

Consider the Fit

The fit. Oh the fit.
I tested hundreds of pairs of undies to create Krakatoa. Different materials, waistband widths, elasticity, and stitch placement notwithstanding, the fit is essential to make the underwear disappear from your crotch radar.
After testing a lot of premium and high profile underwear brands, I noticed they had similarities. Their stitching is aimed at strength, but was exposed and harsh, so I made the internal stitching covered, for comfort. Their front pouches are designed the same too, with some room in front but no support at the bottom, and I solved that with a U-shaped pouch that cradles you without constriction. Our front pouch is really a masterpiece of package coddling. You should grab your crotch on your own terms, not in your underwear’s, so Krakatoa is designed in a way you don’t need to adjust, shuffle or grab to be comfortable. Wear it in the morning, forget about it and take it off whenever, wherever.

Shop Our Underwear for Men!

Now that you read all this information about undies, here is the best thing: we made it easy for you to buy your underwear.
You are guaranteed to wash them 52 times without any manufacture defects. A whole year of washes, if you, like me, does laundry once a week. Enough of the box store stuff. Enough of wearing those other 2 ill-fitting undies that came in the 3 pack, just because now you have them. When you shop with us, besides purchasing the most comfortable undies available online, be confident we will strive to make sure you are happy with your Krakatoa underwear

And give us a shout if you have any questions, want to say hello or tell us what you like or dislike about your new underwear. We would love to hear from you.

If you want to know more about why I named it Krakatoa, check it out here.
Enjoy your sensible, well-built, smart underwear!


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