The Hunt

I looked all over the world.
When I was designing the Anti-Gravity line, I bought dozens of pairs from Australia, Brazil, Canada, US, Japan, China, Europe. I bought the best of the best to try them out. Wore them extensively, washed them in different water temperatures and parameters, checked them for comfort, durability, usability.
But the deeper I looked, the more I found the same old, hidden in plain sight. Always the same stuff, with a different packaging or logo. Still the stuffy, uncomfortable cuts and materials, or just plain weird undies at times - purple elephant, really?
Some were close to perfect, but no cookie.
That strengthened my resolve to create an underwear like nothing else I tried before.
I focused on comfort first, with no compromises. Well, “don’t make me look like a doofus” and “don’t make me put my junk through weird stuff” were also high on the list.
I worked until I got them to perform and feel like no other underwear I had on my extensive test collection. I cross-tested it with some of the best sellers and the best performers on the market – and I was thrilled. I couldn't find the perfect underwear, so I made it. I've freaking made it.

The Creation

There is a thing, though. Krakatoa is special.
Want a super sexy, colorful, crazy-prints type of thing? Nah, it's not that. I want it to disappear under our pants, not remind us about it all the time.
Want that old cotton feel, standard cut, tight whiteys, that feeling like you have a towel around your waist – under your pants? Sorry pal. You deserve better than that.
Want a pair that would have some famous guy’s name on it? That’s not it. We are named after Krakatoa, the most badass volcano ever. Eruptions, loud noises. hot gasses! Us. Guys.
Krakatoa is about the joys of never having to hunt down an escaping jewel because your underwear’s elastic gave up. The freedom of doing handiwork without needing to adjust your crotch with greasy hands, or riding your motorcycle on the twisties without worrying about having to hang on one hand to fix a package mishap.

True story: We had guys writing me that they had to check if they were actually wearing underwear before leaving home when they first tried Krakatoa. It’s so thin and comfortable, they did a double take. It was there. Along with the most badass volcano in the world.


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