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Krakatoa models

Want to show the world how awesome you are in your Krakatoa Underwear?

We made Krakatoa Underwear for the guys. Whomever "guys" may be, look, love or want. We are proud because you trusted us with something so important to you. 

So we would love to see you rocking your Krakatoa!

It doesn't need to be overtly sexy or unflattering on purpose (c'mon, gents, the kids are looking). It should just be you and your Krakatoa.  No need to show the whole thing, a flash of the waistband would suffice. And NO, you don't need to look like the professional models above either. We created Krakatoa for all of us, chubby, tall, skinny, bald, bearded, short, hairy, with a big butt or no butt, tall as a tree or wide as a door, us, men, hungry and happy for life, pushing hard, being ourselves.

If you post a cool pic of you wearing your Krakatoa, please tag us, so we can repost or even boost your post (we will ask for permission, always). Just remember it has to comply with the social media's platform guidelines.

How to be a Krakatoa Underwear Brand Ambassador

If you would like to be one of our Krakatoa Ambassadors, get some cool undies for free and show it to the world, drop us a line at and let's talk.

Krakatoa Brand Ambassadors Quick Guidelines: 

  • Established bloggers preferred with at least 10000 followers on Instagram or 10000 Facebook Fans or 5000 Youtube Fans.  If you are new to Blogging/Vlogging with a growing fanbase, let's chat too! 
  • Must post items within 7 days of receiving your underwear.
  • Let us know if you prefer Trunk or Boxer Brief, or a mix.
  • Must use #hashtags provided by Krakatoa. You can add yours too.  
  • All posted photos should contain links to Krakatoa Underwear Instagram or Facebook page (@krakatoaunderwear), website ( or the product’s page on Krakatoa’s website.
  • We may collect photos of your post and related comments, put it on Facebook, Instagram or other social media or use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please let us know.
  • Please email us, Tag us and send links to your post shortly after posting our items on your social media platforms. Accepted Social Media Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter & others.