Krakatoa Club



Never go out to shop for underwear again.

Our premium underwear will magically* show up at your door as often as you want, so you can replace those unfortunate bottom drawer dwellers quickly.  

(*Actually, the USPS will deliver them to you.  No Magic Unicorns were available, there is a new Unicorn fad these days and they are booked solid. Sorry.)


Why join the Krakatoa Club?



Choose your Krakatoa, how often you want them, and relax: the Magic Unicorns will be delivering them soon.

(You know they are not really delivering them, right?)



Another advantage is that you pay 15% less and get free shipping when you get 2 or more pairs at a time.  

Yes, super cool.


Peace of Mind

Imagine not having to fish your drawers for that special underwear when you have a date. They will all be special now.

So special.


Get rid of those old rags automatically

Subscription is a beautiful thing.

Want 30 pairs every month and never do laundry again? Sure thing.

Need to refresh your drawers, but go easy on the budget? You got it, chief!

Fresh undies delivered your way - and you'll never go out to buy them again.


Washing a peach.

(Shopping? Nope.)


Subscribing to the Krakatoa Club is easy

Just Choose "Subscribe and Save" when adding your choice of Krakatoa to your cart.

Choose the frequency you want to receive your shipments and voilà! Your order will be shipped immediately, and all subsequent orders will arrive on your scheduled time.

You can cancel or modify your subscription anytime too.

Better yet? You can mix single purchases and membership purchases in the same cart! Brilliant.


"Just got my first pair.

Wow!!! What a comfortable piece. I don't know if I can put anything else against my body. Unbelievable." 

-Tim M.

"These are the best underwear to ever hit the market. I threw away all my other underwear. Krakatoa is like nothing else"

-Phillip R.  

"The Bomb. Most comfortable underwear I've ever worn."

- Henry V.


Swiping left on Tindr.

(Still not shopping.)


Time to bring underwear shopping to the 21st century.