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saxx killer

Long post, stick with me.

Boxers in middle school, junk grew, boxer briefs in high school, graduated and got a taste for the finer things.

When I got my own “real” job I started buying Under Armour underwear and I thought they were awesome.

Eventually I graduated to Saxx, I’ve been buying them for the last ~8 years I’ve sunk about $4k into their underwear. I’ve been tired of paying their prices so I wanted to venture out to another brand, I tried Shinesty and they were okay, good for the price, but not super comfortable. Tried Stance, not comfortable at all. Tried some other brand that you put your whole junk in a hole and it was awful.

Then I found Krakatoa and I bought one pair, and immediately fell in love with them, I’ve had them for a couple of weeks and basically made my girlfriend wash them every night so I can wear them the next day, I’m about 12 washes or so in and they’re holding up great. So I ordered two of the 3-packs and I won’t ever look back.

TL;DR These are the only underwear I’ll ever buy again.

Matt L.

you nailed it alex

These are hands down the best boxers I've ever had. I have 20+ pairs of saxx and the standard pair you offer gives me more support then saxx separators. Will be purchasing more.

- Luke A.


The boys were truly supported by a cloud of luxury! Goodbye Saxx, bought another pair of Krakatoa’s finest.

Really impressed

Loving them. I’ve been wearing Saxx and Bn3th underwear and thought these might be comparable. They are actually more comfortable, which is hard to believe.

- Jesse K.


Love them. Fits to the listed sizing. Most comfortable briefs ever. Way better than tommy John, saxx, or me undies. Way more flattering of a look than them too!

- Jonathan C.

Buy these now

These are my favorite boxer briefs - I also own Saxx and TommyJohn, which I also enjoy wearing, but the Pinatubo's fit best, stay in place, have the right inseam length, and have the best waistband.

- Frank C.

More than expected

Ok, so I've tried many pairs...Saxx, David Archy, BN3TH, jockey, 2xist and more. This fabric is perfect for me. Soft...super soft, and fits great and room for the boys. Highly suggest you getting these.

- Michael B.


They’re by far the best pair of underwear I’ve worn. I am a big fan of Saxx but these are even better. The close knit fabric doesn’t catch my leg hairs randomly and stays cool all day

- David S.

Absolutely the best!!!!

I have worn, Lulu, Tommy John, Saxx, and many other big name underwear. I can honestly say these Krakatoa are the best and it’s not even close. Soft as butter, fit to perfection, attractive design, and legs stay put!! Real winner in my book!

- John D.

Really feels like being naked

Wow, these are the most comfortable pairs of underwear that I have owned. I have been a Obviously, Daluth, Saxx type guy. I am gonna be throwing them all away now. When Alex says it feels like you are naked that is no lie. Love the new line.

- Ben M.

Best of the bunch

I have tried underwear from Step One, Swag, Saxx, David Archy, Pair of Thieves, Shinesty, Crown Jewels, 32 Degrees, Mr. Davis, and Wild South. The Krakatoa fabric and design fit me very well and the waistband does not roll, which is a huge plus. The Krakatoas are my first choice!

- Craig W.

Wasn't sure about the length on the boxer briefs

I usually don't get long shorts however, for golfing and actually everyday use. I have found these to be my go to for all day wear. I've tried Saxx, BN3TH, David Archy and many more. Looking for the right fabric and stretch and support. Alex....good job I've already place three orders figuring out my favorite.

5 stars isn't enough

So I bought 2 pairs of the trunks and 2 of the boxer briefs and after just 3 days of wearing them I must say I am blown away with comfort!!! I have been a saxx wearer for years and these are far superior to those. The fabric, the pouch and overall quality exceeds my expectations. I will be placing another order soon.

- Brett K.

Best Out There

I’ve tried Saxx, Manmade, Shinesty, and All Citizens and these are hands down the the best underwear I’ve tried. I bought one of each and quickly made the decision to make Krakatoa my go to. I’ve already recommended to friends and would do so for anyone else out there looking for the softest material and best separation without all of the extra fabric.

- Kevin B.

New go to!

It’s literally like the boys are in an antigravity chamber and the waist band is the best of any underwear I’ve ever owned. Will be my new go to and I’m an underwear connoisseur! Sheath, T.Bo, Saxx, Jockey, Calvin’s…all. Movement is above par and everything stays in place! The quick access with the top fly…perfection. Oh, and the feel of the fabric!

- Bradley E.

Found the right boxers for me

I've been experimenting with different brands of boxers that offer a pouch for quite some time. I've tried Saxx, All Citizens, Shinesty, Ben3ath, and more, and each of these usually starts out with me liking their product but eventually the pouch becomes a source of frustration. With Shinesty the material gets stretchy and less soft, with All Citizens the boxer is thick and the pouch winds up chaffing that which shouldn't be chafed.Saxxand Ben3ath simply don't have great quality for the price. Krakatoa is super comfortable, the pouch is seamless and cradles your junk without strangling it and I don't have to worry about using them for different activities. I've worked out in them, golfed, gone to work and drinks, travelled, and they're always comfortable. They're priced higher than the other ones so I was reluctant but am happy with the purchase.

- Brandyn L.

simply the best!

I have been on a quest for the best underwear. I tried Saxx, and they were initially good but they loosened up and now I don’t wear them. I also tried 2under. Very similar to Saxx, but they do hold up better. However, pocket is too small. Next up was Aswemove. I’m not sure how to describe these. Maybe like pantyhose for men? They are comfortable, but there isn’t much to them. Finally, I tried Krakatoa. These are without a doubt the best. They have the best pocket, they are comfortable and they hold up and feel the same weeks later. Make sure to check your size as their Medium is most other companies large. I do wish they made a size between the truck and boxer brief. I found the trunks a little short for me, and I would like the boxers a little shorter.

I've tried 'em all--Krakatoa is the only one that delivered.

Saxx, Sheath, Shinesty, even Hanes--I've tried every pouch underwear out there. While some delivered on a decent pouch--they had so much stitching coming together right behind my sack that they rubbed way, way too much for comfort. And who wants to be chaffed there?! Krakatoa skips the tortured stitching, has a roomy pouch, are soft as can be, and when I look down--or in a mirror--I like what they do for my package. Nice. Damn nice.