What do you do?

I'm a LA- based destination wedding & event photographer. I consider myself a laid-back guy with an intense passion for people and travel. While I often photograph luxurious, black-tie weddings, I never forget that it's a celebration and a party. My photography philosophy is simple: every amazing photograph starts with connection - a connection with my couples, their loved ones, their crazy friends, and the natural beauty of their destination location.

What's a current goal you are working towards?

Getting back to work! As you can imagine, COVID has done a number on destination weddings across the world, but I'm happy to see much smaller events starting to make a major comeback for the rest of 2020 and upcoming 2021.

What are you currently learning to do?

I'm now in the jewelry business! I started a new brand ( producing chains & leather necklaces for face masks. I've learned a ridiculous amount this year about Direct to Consumer business, Etsy/Shopify strategies, supply chain management from China, you name it. I'm glad to say I've put all my free time this year into something productive!

What's a quote that inspires you?

My favorite quote is:

"It's no fun if it's too easy."

This is actually a quote of mine, though I may have heard something similar in the past. I've found that after photographing weddings for over a decade now, the easy, cookie-cutter, predictable weddings are like second nature for me, but really just aren't that challenging and don't push me to create better work. My difficult, flexible, ever-changing weddings are my absolute favorite as I find myself excelling the most under pressure. I absolutely live for a challenge.

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