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Haleakala Thong

Modern Cut, Large Pouch, StratoPouch
  • $ 22.00
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Hey Alex, I Have Questions!

Men come in all different shapes and sizes but for years underwear failed to respect our anatomy.
Our new StratoPouch is a re-designed front pouch, that should serve for the majority of men out there, to accommodate and coddle. It goes deeper towards the crotch, it's narrower and with more volume. It's a blend of separation and breathability, but also supportive for all day comfort.
You won't need to adjust yourself anymore, because sticking to your leg is a thing of the past.
And the new internal liner is a joy to wear. It's perforated and breathable, anti-microbial for odor-resistance, and it's also so smooth that is non-stick, to avoid the dreaded "tip velcro-effect" when we have some DNA leakage during happy times. Because someone had to do it.

The Haleakala Thong is a luxury pouch to give you perfect support without excessive fabric. The pouch is designed to be large enough to provide you ample room, while being double layered with an internal liner that is breathable and anti-microbial, besides being non-stick, for when "DNA leakage" happens. The thin strip on the back is super soft and barely noticeable.

Our sizes run pretty true and the materials do have stretch to them.

But if you're not sure which size is going to be the best for you...

Consider these three things:
- Your waist in inches (pants size is OK).
- If your legs touch at the thighs.
- If you have a small, normal or large butt.

If your legs touch and your butt is large, you might jump a size.
If you have a small butt and thin legs, you can downsize.

In a word. Soft.
Really, really soft.

Our MicroModal is hand-selected to be of the highest grade available.

MicroModal is a modern technical fabric that is manufactured with cellulose from renewable Beechwood trees. Compared with Cotton, it's odor-resistant, 3 times softer, 50% more breathable, and it's not nearly as polluting or water-wasting.

Please allow 2-4 days for processing, and the usual shipping times from the USPS: inside the US you can expect to see your package between 3-6 days. We'll send you a confirmation email with your tracking information as soon as it ships. If you have any questions or don't receive an email, feel free to reach out via our Contact Us Page.

Our number one goal is that you're happy with your purchase.

If something doesn't fit right, let us know and we will make it right.

Try on a pair and make sure it's perfect in you. If it doesn't work for you, your first pair is covered.

After this first pair, all underwear must be unworn, unwashed, in the original condition and packaging that you received them for a refund. If you bought a pack with multiple pairs, make sure you try ONLY one pair before you decide to use the rest.

Krakatoa is quite resistant to shrinking and fading, but machine-washing them in cold water using the delicate setting and drying in low heat will keep them looking fresher for longer.

Please do not bleach, iron, or dry clean your boxer briefs or trunks. You can also wash it by hand and lay it flat to dry, for great results.

We've built a tough product with reinforced stitching that lays flat and the very best materials we could get our hands on.

That said, you should follow the care instructions.

We provide a 52 Wash Guarantee which is triggered by either 52 washes or 12 months from the date of purchase. If your item has any structural damage before 52 washes or 12 months, we'll replace them for free.